About Cocoon Couture

Cocoon Couture is a collection of unique children’s bean bags and kids room accessories. This beautiful and diverse range features bespoke designs of delightful animal critters inspired by the treasures of childhood.

Cocoon Couture is designed and brought to you by two mums with a passion for design and a desire to create beautiful and inspiring children’s spaces and quality products.

Originally started back in 2004; Cocoon Couture took its baby steps into a select number of children’s boutiques across Melbourne and Sydney. From these early beginnings Cocoon Couture soon became a feature in children’s rooms throughout the world and along with this, developed a loyal following.

Both mums children play an active role in the range, from design feedback, to road testing products and are a constant source of inspiration and wonderful imagination!

Cocoon: A child’s unique space; their place to snuggle up in; a place to rest; all lovely and cosy. A quiet place to retreat and relax in.

Couture: The unique; bespoke designs that adorn these beautiful bean bags and room accessories; individual and delightful, not yet seen by the world.